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What to pack for your trip to Mbabane

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Mbabane is quite the interesting city and that isn’t only in reference to its growing street fashion culture, lively shisanyama’s or its buzzing night-life. Mbabane is interesting in every sense. From its humorous people, to its quaint coffee shops. Its multi-cultural cuisine spots to its four seasons in one day weather habits. If you’re planning a trip to this micro-capital city of Eswatini here’s a quick guide of what to pack in order to get the most out of your trip; especially at this time of the year. Good Hiking shoes It is no secret that our terrain makes for the most fun outdoorsy excursions. Pack a good pair of hiking boots for all those trails and hikes you can explore while in the country. We recommend taking a short drive out of town, down into Pine Valley to experience our mighty Sibebe. Or even take a walk through Emafini’s scenic trails that lead all the way to a stunning waterfall. Whatever you choose to do though, just pack the hiking shoes. Camera Why visit one of the most gorgeous countries in Southern Africa and NOT carry a camera to capture the memories with. Smart phone may have made our lives easier now, but nothing beats a good long range lens camera to capture all those safari images or the orange rays of a sunset dipping behind the valley. If I may add, the city sits in a gorgeous panoramic view from the hill above our hotel in the evening….

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Renovation season at the Mountain Inn

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It’s the season of out with the old, in with the new at the Mountain inn as renovations continue to move ahead at the hotel. The famed poolside wing, a popular choice for many of our guests, is currently undergoing a facelift; one room at a time. This is the hotel’s latest project and follows the 6 executive rooms added onto the south wing just last year. The poolside’s facelift will see the once classically styled rooms receive a modern touch of sliding mirrors, new cupboards, refurbished interiors and awning windows. The project is estimated to run through-out the year and by working on one room at a time, this will ensure that the hotel’s guests can still access the poolside despite it’s revamp. The poolside renovations however aren’t all that the hotel has up its reno sleeve; the beloved Friar Tucks restaurant is also due for an expansion and redecoration. All revamp projects are part of the ‘inn’s revitalisation, with the goal being to move the hotel from its pre millennium look to a more contemporary aesthetic appeal. With all this busyness taking place at the hotel it’s safe to say that things are really moving on up at the Mountain inn and we cannot wait to unveil it all to our valued guests.

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Why we love local Eswatini art

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Art is deeply embedded in the history of Eswatini. From the rock paintings at Nsangwini heritage site, to the beadwork geometry in our jewellery. Art is everywhere and because our culture is synonymous with it, the arts community in Eswatini continues to steadily grow. A new artist emerges onto the scene almost every year and mediums of expression have moved from traditional art to photography and most recently, digital media and film. More and more locals are tapping into their creativity and finding different ways to communicate and express themselves. Creating conversations through their works and giving everyone a glimpse into the heart of this country. One artist who does this so well is Lucky Motsa, a local contemporary artist whose entire story hangs on Mountain inn’s walls. Lucky is a breath of fresh air. His art is authentic, raw and expressive. His paintings offer insight into real Eswatini. They document stories of real life from an ordinary day to day perspective. If anything, Lucky paints what we all see, but can’t quite capture nor even describe. His ability to captivate and draw people in is what makes his art so incredible. His style is so easy to recognise due to how his paintings are often a synopsis; one story spread out over various canvases. Painting after painting, you are brought into Lucky’s world. A world in which the bus crosses the bridge while the children play under the trees. A world in which the old village grocery takes central…

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Eswatini might just be the 8th wonder of the world

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One thing we hear a lot of in our hotel is how Eswatini is a beautiful place. We hear it so many times in a day that we have grown accustomed to this compliment. Nodding and smiling dutifully, and that isn’t because we have become pompous or indifferent of this compliment, but because we also wholeheartedly agree. In fact, Eswatini isn’t just beautiful, it’s absolutely gorgeous. Micro in size, grand in culture and colourful in traditions, Eswatini is one of Africa’s gems. It’s straight out of a postcard, boasting of blue mountains and green hills. Its rivers flow from one city to another, village to village. Which almost abstractly describes the linkage of Eswatini’s people- small in number, huge in unity. Our rivers are full of fresh water life and the forest are home to a Zambezia of birdlife- colourful and diverse like the beaded networks in our traditional regalia. Eswatini is breath taking; an experience to be had and quite frankly a memory to keep. I suppose that’s why it’s so easy to ponder if is this small little state off the corner of Africa’s south side, could quite possibly be the 8th wonder of the world. Landscape and climate The landscape in Eswatini is a variation of tall trees in the Highveld; where the forestry industry thrives, to grasslands in the Low veld and thorny bushes and shrubs. The middle veld is a cross breed of both, and so is its climate. Warm in the summer and brutally…

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The ultimate gig guide for March

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Whether you’re into sundowners with friends on a Friday evening, listening to the soulful sounds of Jazz music at your favorite pub or wilding out all weekend long, best believe the month of March has something to tickle everyone’s fancy. We did some digging and found so many cool events happening throughout the month that we couldn’t possibly blog about them all. The solution? WE picked our best five and these five are what we consider to be the icing on the cake for your March adventures. Here’s our Top 5 must attend affairs for this month. Our ultimate social calendar of what to get up to in and around our city. Rhymes and Laughter MTN’s legendary Rhymes and Laughter show touches down at the Happy Valley casino and resort. Merging hip-hop and comedy, the show is a local favorite. This edition is set to honor the greatest musicians to have ever hit the scene and will be headlined by a few locally renowned artists. Show starts at 7Pm on March 8th. Don’t be late. Alliance Française Lunch Concert: Women’s day Edition The seventh edition of Alliance Française de Mbabane’s lunch concerts is all about celebrating women. Perfectly set up between 1pm and 2pm, there’s no excuse to miss it. Happening on the 8th of March, the concert promises nothing but great sounds with performances by female artists, good vibes and delicious French Cuisine. Entrance is free and a little birdy happened to let us know that the concert will…

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