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A lioness in the wild

Where to have the best Safari Experiences in Eswatini

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Eswatini is a safari destination, with the country’s rich variety of landscapes and hundredfold habits being home to many wild animal species. From the magnificent ‘Big Five’ to warthogs, antelope and reptiles and even birds. Eswatini is a bird-watcher’s paradise with about 500 species of birds recorded in the country, which is pretty remarkable for a country as tiny as ours is, especially if such a tally is roughly on par with France which has 517 species and closer to home, the Kruger National Park which has 505. The many game parks and nature reserves across the country help protect a vast variety of animals, especially the Rhino which is sadly endangered. Safari experiences In Eswatini can be very rewarding and can be enjoyed in multiple ways. From ranger guided game drives, safari on foot to cycling and biking and even safari on horseback. The greatest emphasis in Eswatini is to provide visitors with a more intimate wildlife experience in areas of natural beauty, which our reserves do so quite well. Here’s a look at some of the best places for safari experiences in pristine Eswatini. Hlane Royal National Park Hlane is the country’s largest protected area and extends either side of the MR3. This is what makes it incredible because you can spot wildlife along the side of the highway as you dive by. There are different camps within the park, all of which are located on the western sector of it. The reserve is also the annual host…

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Sheba’s breasts; A mountain made up of twin peaks

72Hours in Eswatini

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Easter is upon us and while some look forward to a long weekend of rest, no work and refueling for the rest of the year ahead, many others are looking for something more. Easter weekend is a great time to do some exploring. To finally take that trip you’ve been putting off and to discover new places on your map. We will be bold and make a very confident claim; Eswatini is the ultimate Easter weekend destination and if everything you’ve read already about our beautiful kingdom isn’t enough to convince you, we hope this blog will. Here’s a guide to spending 72-hours in Africa’s Eswatini. Day 1 Start your first leg of your Eswatini tour with something light and fun by visiting a cultural village. We recommend the tourist favorite, Mantenga cultural village, which showcases typical Swazi life, food and traditions. The cultural village hosts a dance twice a day. If you miss the 11 am one, be sure to catch the next one at 3pm. The cultural village also has trails, a stunning waterfall and craft stalls to shop from for Eswatini souvenirs. Maybe after leaving the village, take a drive down the Gables shopping center which houses numerous stores and a movie theater to meet your hearts delight then end your first day with a delicious dinner at the calabash restaurant which serves continental cuisine in with some Eswatini charm. Day 2 Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the valley, why not visit the Mlilwane Wildlife sanctuary….

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