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Where to eat in Mbabane

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Mbabane is Eswatini’s capital and the largest city in the country. Although fairly small in comparison to other capitals in Southern Africa, Mbabane is still an awesome place to get lost in. Not only that, but the city is also home to a number of wonderful and spectacular eateries that are a mouthful for foodies or anyone looking to experience a real taste of Eswatini. Here is a list of the six best places to eat at in Mbabane. Ramblas The city’s first choice for good food and a lively vibe is located just by the Mbabane golf course. The restaurant, which is set within a small villa with a lovely terrace, has an interior that holds colorful paintings and grey and red hues that create a sophisticated mood. It also has an impeccable selection of South Africa’s finest wines, serves home baked cakes and desserts and offers an eclectic menu with daily specials, pizzas and salads. Edladleni Flavorsome food served in a peaceful setting alongside stunning views of hills and a river can only be enjoyed at Edladleni. The name of the restaurant can be loosely translated to ‘Kitchen’ in SiSwati. If you’re after an authentic Eswatini experience, this traditional cuisine spot is your best pick. Tuck into traditional specialties just a short distance outside the city at the serene Mvubu Falls lodge. The restaurant is one of the few places in the country where real Swazi food can be indulged in. This eatery gem is owned and run…

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12 Interesting facts about Eswatini

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Eswatini is Africa’s little gem. With a thriving population, varying landscapes and rolling hills. The country is a tourist favorite and amongst one of the most scenic places on the continent. However there are a number of interesting and outrageously wild fun facts about the country which many may or might not be familiar with. Look at our list and let us know which ones you find fascinating. Absolute Monarchy Eswatini is Africa’s last absolute monarchy and one of the few remaining in the world. This form of government gives the head of state supreme authority that supersedes all written laws, legislature or customs. By tradition, the king reigns along with his mother who is known as the Indlovukazi (She-elephant) while the King is reffered to as Ingwenyama (Lion) Swaziland was always Eswatini The year 2018 was a historical one for the Kingdom. The year not only signified a double celebration of 50 years of Independence as well as the 50th birthday of the head of state, but it also marked when the country went from being Swaziland to Eswatini overnight. Literally. However, an interesting fact to note is that the Kingdom was always considered Eswatini by it’s people. The change was only a legal affirmation. Second largest rock found here Sibebe Rock which is located on the outskirts of Mbabane, is the world’s second largest monolith (single piece of rock). It lags a little behind Australia’s Uluru. Best big Five safari experiences It is possible to observe the famous big…

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