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July 2019


All you need to know about Luju and its return to African Future

If the idea of wining and dining across Malandelas lawn while jazz notes and Afrocentric music plays in the background tickles your fancy, then you definitely don’t want to miss the country’s second largest lifestyle event. Luju festival is a food and lifestyle shindig that won the hearts of the masses last year during its inaugural showcase. The festival is now in its second year and it promises an experience twice as spectacular as its first. Brought to you by the same team that coordinated the internationally lauded MTN Bushfire Festival – House on Fire and backed by Standard Bank, festival guests can be assured of top-notch production, a spectacular line up, and an experience of a lifetime. This year’s theme is a return to African future, which through the fest’s signature vintage theme can be interpreted as an opportunity to pay homage to the unique African style through our sense, both past and present and celebrating the beauty of what it means to be a creative in modern Africa. As soon as the theme was announced, social media became abuzz with fashion houses and corporate brands predicting a Luju 2019 look book. The music line-up soon also became the talk of the town, with a stage set to be adorned by the likes of Industry veterans Bongo Maffin, local musical export Amanda Mo, afro-jazz sensation Siphokazi and the muses just to name a few, an all-female band that fuses classical music with pop sounds. Luju lovers will also be…
Thursday July 18th, 2019

When the wanderlust bug bites.

We never really know when it happens, this wanderlust thing. One moment you’re going about your life in your own little section of the world then the next you’re fighting off this insatiable hunger to explore. Constantly curious about other countries and perpetually obsessed with getting there. I may have been about 6 when it happened. I think that’s when the travel bug bit. My lanky little body with hands glued to the window watching as we cruised past meadows of wildflowers and cane fields. I’m sure that’s when it happened. Passports sitting on the dash and my sister fast asleep beside me. I’m certain that’s when the bug bit. Its deadly venom started treking through my veins and nothing was ever the same again. I was born into what you could call a very nomadic family. We moved around a lot and travelled twice as much too. The childhood is foggy here and there, but the cross-border memories remain clear as day. I retrieve them sometimes, just to remind myself that there’s still a scrapbook full of places where my feet haven’t yet touched, and I’m sure most people can relate to. There’s something in all of us. Something that drives us toward discovery and feeds our sense of wonder. Its as if we’re born with an inner compass in our souls that gravitates us towards new places. I’m sure there are days when we all at one point or another wish we could jump onto buses with unknown…
Monday July 8th, 2019