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5 Reasons why you should visit Eswatini in Spring

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Forget Summer, spring is the new cool. Take a look at these five great reasons that will make you want to book the next shuttle or flight out to Eswatini. Lovely weather Winter can get very gloomy and nothing can be more unexciting than weather that makes you just want to stay in all day. The arrival of the new season offers a much warmer relief from the long and dreary winter; in turn inspiring much outdoorsy adventures. Eswatini looks lovely in the spring season and it might just be the perfect time to get out and about before the scorching summer heat kicks in. Reed dance Spring time also welcomes in the country’s second most iconic traditional festival; the Umhlanga reed dance which is a spectacular event of song, dance and upheld heritage. The reed dance is a must-see for anyone visiting the kingdom and this year’s festival main day will be on the 2nd of September. See Swazi maidens clad in beautiful colors and celebrating their culture. Hiking Now that the sun is up and the mornings aren’t too ridiculously cold for us to struggle out of bed, hiking is high up on the Spring activity agenda. Trek through gorgeous scenery with new wildflowers in bloom and the green returning to the grass. Pick between a number of great places too, from the ancient Emlembe peak, to Execution rock and even the legendary Sibebe. Go off road and discover Eswatini. Create new memories. Picnics Does it get any…

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How to plan a great bleisure trip

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All work and no play are sure to make anyone feel dull. However, if the growing trend of bleisure trips is anything to go by, we can safely say that the no go area of mixing business with pleasure is soon becoming a thing of the past. Bleisure trips are the new norm for corporates and can be very well viewed as the best example of making the most of anything. What are these much talked about bleisure trips you might ask? Simply the activity of combining business travel with leisure time. The term was first published in 2009 by the Future Laboratory as part of their biannual trend briefing and originally coined by writer, Jacob Strand. Spending a week or more in a foreign city or new place can get a bit lonely at times and a little mundane too. The solution? Finding a way to turn that work trip into a bleisure adventure.  If this sounds like something right up your alley, take a look at these five basic tips and tricks for planning your first ever bleisure trip to Eswatini. Always plan ahead It’s important to first start by researching if your company has a policy regarding combining work with play time. Run it past your management ahead of time and get their approval. Research your destination Before getting on the road or booking that flight, make sure you have thoroughly done your research on Eswatini. Our blog offers a number of interesting facts and fun things…

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Where to bird watch in Eswatini

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Winter is over and Spring in all her colors is waltzing right in, welcoming the last third of the year as the perfect time to view Eswatini’s vast and diverse bird life. The small kingdom is home to one of the world’s largest bird populations with over 500 different species and it is the climate, the diversity of vegetation as well as its wide altitudinal range that makes it one of the best places on the continent for a variety of birds to thrive. Here’s a look at five of the best places in Eswatini to do bird-watching. Malolotja Game reserve Malolotja Nature Reserve is one of southern Africa’s important bird areas due to the reserve supporting a significant number of globally threatened and near threatened species as well as a significant number of restricted-range species. More than 280 species of birds have been recorded at the reserve and the birdlife haven is an ideal breeding spot favorite for many endangered birds including the blue swallow, blue crane and Stanley’s bustard. The reserve also excitingly contains rare species such as striped flufftails and black-rumped buttonquails. Hlane Royal National Park Hlane Royal National Park is the country’s largest park and a definite bird watcher’s paradise. It lies northeast of Manzini in the Lowveld area of Eswatini. The park is considered one of the true bird parks of the world. Raptors are of wide variety and stunning martial eagles, bateleurs, and Long-crested Eagles can be spotted here. Hlane is also home to…

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