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Fantastic safari beasts and where to find them: Rhinos in Eswatini

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Imagine this. The year is 2092. The world that was once a lush green planet, roaring with magnificent rivers and an oceans spilling over with marine life is now a dead zone. A concrete and iron dessert that only has skyscrapers for canopies and museums to view rare species of trees. Most of the endangered species we fought so hard to preserve in the early 21st century have all been inevitably wiped out, one decreasing population and destroyed habitat at a time. Are you imagining this? Now picture yourself standing on what used to be an African jungle, taking a tour through what the wild and outback of Eswatini was. The acacia trees have silently uprooted themselves from the soil and much to their tragedy the last of the unicorns are gone. The Rhinos. The beautiful beasts we dehorned and tried to preserve. All Gone. And as you stand there, taking it all in, this big mess of human doing,  it finally dawns on you that this is all that man will be remembered for. Now, rewind to present day Eswatini. The last of the unicorns are still here (Thank Heavens) and if we continue to protect them, hypothetical 2092 might play out much differently for the Kingdom. The land is still a gorgeous piece of unmatched bio-heritage and our reserves are still brimming with species of birds, full rivers and thick forests. The country’s rich biodiversity and inarguably gorgeous landscape is what makes it one of the most pristine…

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Unleashing your inner adrenaline junkie: Top 3 Adventure Activities in Eswatini

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It’s a nice cool day. There’s a breeze that occasionally sweeps across your face and then disappears behind the trees. The Sun is out, but not in the high intensity that can be expected with the summer, but rather, a soft warmth that gracefully reminds you that the long and dreary winter is finally over. Gloriously even, because it’s quite hard to find the inspiration to leave your snuggly hotel room and brave the cold even when the adventurer in you is begging to. With Spring being in her highest element and the weather finding balance between rainy nights and warm days, now is the perfect time to explore all that there is to see and do outdoors. If you cannot imagine anything that would get your heart pumping in exhilarating excitement than swinging off tree tops or having white foamy waters wet your hair, then you’ve clicked onto the right blog. Here’s a look at three of the best places to unleash your inner adrenaline junkie in Eswatini. Oh and don’t worry, on behalf of your next trip, you’re welcome. Malolotja Treetop canopy Dubbed as a once in a lifetime experience, the Malolotja canopy tour offers a monkey meets bird’s eye view of one of the most spectaculars stretches of forest in all of the Kingdom. Situated deep within the pristine reserve of the same name, the tour glides through captivating scenery, towering boulders and over a lush forest canopy that stands beautifully against a backdrop of rugged cliffs….

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