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August 2020

Easy Tequila Sunrise Mocktail Recipe

By Activities, The Inn

We know it’s been a while since you had a real drink. In between doing your best to social distance and adhering to government regulations, we understand that you could really use a good cocktail. Or in this case, mocktail. We’ve had to make some real adjustments this year. From wearing masks all day and finding new ways of greeting our loved ones to shifting the workplace to inside our homes and learning how to DIY the things we crave (Like banana bread, magwinya and for the extremists, their own beer) So, we thought we’d share this cool Tequila Sunrise recipe for you to try and before you get excited, IT’S ALCOHOL FREE. Ingredients For one drink: Dash of Grenadine Ice 1 measure of fresh 100% orange juice (according to the size of glass) 1/2 measure of pineapple juice Instructions Pour a generous amount of Grenadine into your glass (Preferably a tall one). Next, fill the glass with ice. Add the orange juice and then the pineapple juice. Add a slice of orange or pineapple for garnish AND SERVE! Mocktails are a delicious alternative to your alcoholic cocktails. Eager to try out this recipe? Share your end result with us across our socials but until then, happy drinking!

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