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October 2021

Exciting things to see and do in Mbabane

By Activities, Eswatini

Located in the kingdom of ESwatini and being one of the oldest towns there, the city of Mbabane is also the capital since 1902. Another amusing fact about this city is that it is home to one of Africa’s important landmarks-this is elaborated further as you read- and grips a great experience even on a typical day. Now, shifting from the miniature history lesson let us dive in a little deeper with what makes Mbab’ City, THE CITY. Endibanweni – ‘The Meeting Space’ This all round innovative and creative space oozes of nothing but artistic aura. The room’s interior, designed to accommodate three different styles, and is great for an afternoon read. The space has also been used as a thinking space and hub. The wall is graced with multiple pieces strictly by local artists, and for this reason, Endibanweni is a must visit for anyone. Eccentric Delicacies – The Market The first here is a hidden gem and rests in the city’s centre at the very end of Allister Miller Street. Filled with various traders with many unique items, the Mbabane market continuously and effortlessly attracts travellers whether local or internationally. Everything from handcrafts to thrifting, traditional herbs to organic fruits and vegetables this flea market caters for all. Something interesting to note during one’s visit here and is a group of men that always play cards and checkers all day. This attention-grabbing gathering doesn’t try so hard at being observed however they are not hard to miss. The…

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