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All work and no play are sure to make anyone feel dull. However, if the growing trend of bleisure trips is anything to go by, we can safely say that the no go area of mixing business with pleasure is soon becoming a thing of the past. Bleisure trips are the new norm for corporates and can be very well viewed as the best example of making the most of anything. What are these much talked about bleisure trips you might ask? Simply the activity of combining business travel with leisure time. The term was first published in 2009 by the Future Laboratory as part of their biannual trend briefing and originally coined by writer, Jacob Strand. Spending a week or more in a foreign city or new place can get a bit lonely at times and a little mundane too. The solution? Finding a way to turn that work trip into a bleisure adventure.  If this sounds like something right up your alley, take a look at these five basic tips and tricks for planning your first ever bleisure trip to Eswatini.

Always plan ahead

It’s important to first start by researching if your company has a policy regarding combining work with play time. Run it past your management ahead of time and get their approval.

Research your destination

Before getting on the road or booking that flight, make sure you have thoroughly done your research on Eswatini. Our blog offers a number of interesting facts and fun things to do so make that part of your pre-travel reading list.  Have a checklist ready of places you plan to explore but don’t just stick to the well-known cities and tourist hubs nearby, but be unconventional and find out about the uncharted and unknown territories that could make for a memorable experience. A great example of this would be the GAP which isn’t found on any map at all.

Pack Smart

A great hack for avoiding the dreaded overpacking is to throw into your suitcase outfits that can easily switch between work and play.

Pick convenient accommodation

Of course, we wouldn’t expect you to stay anywhere else except Eswatini’s most preferred hotel. The Mountain Inn is conveniently located just 3km from the city center and connects easily to either the CBD or the beloved Ezulwini valley. Our staff is also well equipped to help you pick out some great places to see after a long day of work.

Work around your schedule

No way you can visit Eswatini and not have time to see and taste all that the kingdom has to offer. Spend a few hours before or after your meetings to see a local concert or show, swing by one of our museums or take a walk into the city. You can also skip our fancy hotel dinner served down at the Friar tucks and sample some local cuisine at nearby restaurants.