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The Pink Lotus

4 great local experiences you can enjoy during lockdown

By Activities, Eswatini

At first it was surreal. It felt like a dream. How the streets were empty and the stores were closed. At first, we struggled to wrap our heads around this new reality, fighting to understand how we had woken up one day to a world like this. A world of masks and social distancing. ‘Stand here’ in grocery aisles and paying fines for not wearing a mask. A world where the simple things you took for granted like a cup of coffee at that downtown café or aimless wandering in the city could suddenly be risky. Over a month ago, we shut our boarders and settled into our new lives. We said goodbye to our favorite tourists and said hello to weeks on end of not being able to fully enjoy the outside. We even had to make peace with passing up a live Bushfire fest experience for a virtual one, amongst many other things that have since become digital thanks to the RONA, as the millennials and Gen Z’s like to call it. Luckily however, some of our favorite Eswatini hotspots have reopened and it’s got us excite. We might have to adjust with enjoying these experiences with fewer people, lots of social distancing and heavy breathing through masks but, we’re looking at the glass half full. Here’s a look at 4 of our favorite things us locals can get up to. From sipping hemp smoothies to tracking Rhino on foot. Ngwenya Glass This is an experience that…

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