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In case you haven’t heard, Lonely Planet has ranked our beautiful Kingdom fifth amongst the best in travel 2020 and we can’t stop patting ourselves on the back. It’s about time the world took notice of how stunning of a country the Tini is. From cruising past mountains that will command your attention to summiting Iconic boulders that will cause you to lose your breath. All the way to spectacular safari adventures that await right down to all the coffee shops and bistros in between. Eswatini is a gem waiting to be discovered and if we at the Mountain Inn have anything to do with it, you’ll be penning down this great little Kingdom on your festive agenda this summer. Starting with these four must-visit attractions.

Ngwenya Glass

Maybe it’s the photo booth of the same title as this blog post that has every tourist feeling the FOMO or maybe it’s the exclusive glassblowing experience or even the coffee shop that makes a great quick stop as you move into the heart of the country. Whatever it is, we appreciate it and totally recommend a shot’left. The complex is located in an awe-evoking indigenous garden and offers an unforgettable tour of the factory, gin tasting and an opportunity to shop one of a kind handmade and 100% recycled glassware.

Malolotja Canopy Tour

Dubbed as a once in a lifetime experience, the Malolotja capoy tour is what euphoria is made of. Unleash your inner adrenaline junkie with an exciting tour of the pristine reserve of the same name. Zip past cliff sides and catch views of game below. A thrilling opportunity to explore wild Eswatini from a bird’s eye view.

Mkhaya Safari

Eswatini’s most exclusive safari retreat also happens to be home to the country’s only herd of buffalo. Track Rhino on foot or take a sunset drive through the veld. You can also view small game or watch the crocs stealthily wait for prey. Mkhaya has its ethos set on promoting local conservation and because of that, it remains one of the best safari havens in the Tini, alongside the famous Hlane Royal Park.

Mahamba Gorge

Move over Sibebe and hello Mahahamba Gorge. Just south of the country lies the most understated natural attraction that is deeply appreciated by both locals and tourists. Inspiration behind the annual hike and also home to a diverse selection of both fauna and flora, the historic gorge is deep cleft in the rocky ridge where two countries meet. Make use of the picnic area or cross over the cliffs and along the Mkhondvo River to discover a scenic landscape that will have any birding enthusiast losing their mind.