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Every part of the world has its own food culture- Their own traditions about what they love to indulge in to how they love to prepare it and of course, Eswatini is no different. Although traditionally, our cuisine is influenced by seasonal variations, availability of certain ingredients and staple foods, however when it comes to the restaurant scene, our food culture has evolved through that of others, globalization and the need to bring Eswatini to the world. We have a mix of franchises, cultured restaurants, China town spots and even social markets where street food and barbeques are all the rave. Taking this into account, anyone who visits our neck of the woods will be spoilt for choice. With so many great places to pick from, we thought it best to help narrow down the search for you. Interesting enough, the first restaurant to pop onto our radar just so happens to be a timeless piece of Eswatini heritage. Situated next to Timbali lodge, just behind the Midway galp gas station is a quaint family run restaurant, called The Calabash.


Whatever tickles your continental cuisine fancy, best believe you’ll find it Here. This restaurant serves a variety of European cuisine. From traditional French dishes, German delights, to even a bit of Italian food and Swiss meals. The Calabash was originally founded in the late 70’s by Egon Hernler. It was then sold to a new owner some twenty odd years later, only to be rebought a similar number of years after. This restaurant is a little piece of Eswatini’s history and having been in business for a little over forty decades, it carries a remarkable heritage too. If you’re a local, you’re bound to be familiar with the Calabash but if you’re reading this from somewhere else in the world, I strongly suggest you add this to your list of stops in Eswatini so to experience this place yourself.


The calabash is a time capsule, with warm rustic interiors, gorgeous lighting, efficient staff and music that greets you at the door. It also has a bar, a recently introduced bar menu and a wine cellar that houses some of the finest selections.


For those who love to paint the town red, you’ll rest easy knowing that the restaurant also offers an uber service to and from the location. This concierge service is a thoughtful gesture in response to drink driving and taking the hassle out of late evenings.


A restaurant with rich history, exceptional food and excellent service, it’s no wonder no other eatery has successfully mastered staying power quite like it. If you’re looking for a taste adventure next time you’re in the valley, make a quick stop at the Calabash.

It comes highly recommended.