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Mbabane is Eswatini’s capital and the largest city in the country. Although fairly small in comparison to other capitals in Southern Africa, Mbabane is still an awesome place to get lost in. Not only that, but the city is also home to a number of wonderful and spectacular eateries that are a mouthful for foodies or anyone looking to experience a real taste of Eswatini. Here is a list of the six best places to eat at in Mbabane.


The city’s first choice for good food and a lively vibe is located just by the Mbabane golf course. The restaurant, which is set within a small villa with a lovely terrace, has an interior that holds colorful paintings and grey and red hues that create a sophisticated mood. It also has an impeccable selection of South Africa’s finest wines, serves home baked cakes and desserts and offers an eclectic menu with daily specials, pizzas and salads.




Flavorsome food served in a peaceful setting alongside stunning views of hills and a river can only be enjoyed at Edladleni. The name of the restaurant can be loosely translated to ‘Kitchen’ in SiSwati. If you’re after an authentic Eswatini experience, this traditional cuisine spot is your best pick. Tuck into traditional specialties just a short distance outside the city at the serene Mvubu Falls lodge. The restaurant is one of the few places in the country where real Swazi food can be indulged in. This eatery gem is owned and run by Dolores, who is an exceptional host and full of knowledge about the roots of Swazi food, heritage and the nutritional benefits of the country’s traditional dishes. This homely restaurant is most definitely worth a dinner reservation.

Albert Millin


This eatery-pub is located at the timeless Mbabane Club and happens to be very popular with expats, varsity student and 8-fivers.  The eatery has a modern feel and serves a fiery selection of delicious food.  From pizzas and salads to burgers and mouthwatering grilled meats. Their cocktails are perfect for a night out with friends and the place is a staple for anyone looking to enjoy the cool atmosphere with a cold beer in hand.

Cuba Nora Café


The second you step foot into this place it will feel as if you’ve time travelled back to the Cuban Revolution. Old photographs line the walls and images of Che Guevara reach out to grab your attention against a rustic interior. The restaurant serves Portuguese food, tasty desserts and hosts live shows from time to time. Stop by for their coffee or sit down for some breakfast. Order off their cocktail menu or try one of their appetizing sandwiches. This cafe is located at the Corporate places’ food court and a good choice for a hearty meal.

Bahle Gallery


This is by far one of the most under-rated spots in the city that every artsy local loves. A small outdoor cafe sits prettily in the aura of jazz tunes at the back of an art gallery. The space offers an intimate place to recline, read, write or just absorb the city from one of its most peaceful streets. It serves breakfasts, snacks, light lunches and an array of hot and cold beverages. We recommend their Rooibos latte which is lovely for the winter season.

Friar Tucks Restaurant


Of course, this blog would be incomplete without recommending our very own hotel restaurant that is open to both guests and the public. Surf through our continental menu in a wine vault that has the most gorgeous view of the sky and sleeping mountains in the evenings. Call in to found out about our buffet nights or simply order a pizza to go. Our desserts are a sweet treat and coffee always tastes like heaven after 8pm. Guests will surely be treated to delightful food in the setting of fluty sounds and cheerful staff.