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Art is deeply embedded in the history of Eswatini. From the rock paintings at Nsangwini heritage site, to the beadwork geometry in our jewellery. Art is everywhere and because our culture is synonymous with it, the arts community in Eswatini continues to steadily grow. A new artist emerges onto the scene almost every year and mediums of expression have moved from traditional art to photography and most recently, digital media and film. More and more locals are tapping into their creativity and finding different ways to communicate and express themselves. Creating conversations through their works and giving everyone a glimpse into the heart of this country. One artist who does this so well is Lucky Motsa, a local contemporary artist whose entire story hangs on Mountain inn’s walls.


Lucky is a breath of fresh air. His art is authentic, raw and expressive. His paintings offer insight into real Eswatini. They document stories of real life from an ordinary day to day perspective. If anything, Lucky paints what we all see, but can’t quite capture nor even describe. His ability to captivate and draw people in is what makes his art so incredible. His style is so easy to recognise due to how his paintings are often a synopsis; one story spread out over various canvases. Painting after painting, you are brought into Lucky’s world. A world in which the bus crosses the bridge while the children play under the trees. A world in which the old village grocery takes central focus as a scene of men working, tractors passing and women washing clothes unfolds. Truth be told, this local artists work is a marvel; a revolutionary one man movement.


Art exhibitions are a common affair in the country and locals are the best consumers. Alliance Française de Mbabane, a francophone organisation in the city, is forever hosting them. Recently, they had the opening night for the women’s day art exhibition where they showcased pieces from various local creative masterminds. The Bahle gallery downtown also has magnificent art works for viewing and purchasing. Many other places and centres all over the country also have their own galleries, such as the Yebo gallery at the Swazi candles centre, with its own studio and textile printing wonderland and even the national museum which hosts occasional exhibitions. Art is part of Eswatini’s identity and it is celebrated widely.


Many artists like Lucky, use art to tell stories and that’s what makes their pieces an experience. Should you ever be in the neighbourhood, pop in to view our own art collection; most of which is also available for sale. In fact, our entire hotel is a gallery. A creative piece of heaven for all to enjoy. A creative space waiting to be consumed and adored. Art isn’t just deeply embedded in Eswatini’s history, it’s embedded in that of the Mountain Inn as well and should you ever be in the city, feel free to come through. Our hallways sit waiting and ready to welcome you.